Fidu Properties targets massive expansion, opens second office in Dubai to cater to surging demand

FIDU Properties, one of the leading Chinese companies in the UAE property market, has announced the opening of its second office in Dubai as part of its aggressive expansion plan in the UAE and region.

The company, which is bullish about the growth potential of the real estate sector in the UAE, has announced massive expansion plans in the country over the next three years. The company has time and again reinforced the immense growth opportunities in luxury developments in Dubai. Fidu plans to further expand its footprint in Dubai with a third office opening soon.

The new office, located at Emaar Square Building 404, offers a mix of contemporary and classic design and includes a hospitality and VIP concierge service. The luxury office and ambience perfectly complement its fleet of high-end cars used for VIP customers for project site visits.

Talking about the new office, Nazish Khan, Chief Operating Officer at Fidu Properties, said: “Fidu Properties is on expansion mode, which reflects our commitment to Dubai, the UAE and the region. The new office provides a more luxury feel to our VIP clients, offering them the opportunity to relax in the lounge and take informed decisions on their real estate investments rather than in open sales centres.”

He added: “For now, we are extensively working with Emaar as 90 per cent of our business are generated through Emaar Properties. However, we have plans to expand with well-known and trusted developers with strong reputations and we are confident that this new space will give us the liberty to network with different developers and customers.”

The company has also expanded its presence in the international market and has conducted several international roadshows across the globe in the first half of 2019, particularly in the Middle East, Africa and Asia. “As on date, Fidu Properties is primarily working only in China and Dubai. Most of our clients come from China, and for Dubai, where our products are promoted. These two countries are where we focus and generate maximum of our business,” summed up Nazish.

Through a combination of entrepreneurial spirit, professional excellence and in-depth understanding of the demand-supply dynamics in the regional real estate industry, Fidu Properties has managed to deliver several projects in Dubai. The company continues to expand internationally and diversify its portfolio to include investments in Dubai and the UAE real estate sector with its extensive sales agency network.