Imdaad supports UAE’s new CSR law

The Dubai-based facilities management company – an acknowledged leader in sustainability – has established a dedicated department to oversee its CSR activities

Imdaad, a Dubai-based integrated facilities management solutions provider with a strong presence in the GCC, has welcomed a new regulation introduced by the UAE’s Ministry of Economy early this month that makes CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) mandatory to execute for large corporations across the country. The new regulation is expected to come into force by the end of 2017.

Stepping up its commitment to giving back, Imdaad recently established a dedicated department for Corporate Social Responsibility and constituted a special committee headed by its Chief Operating Officer, Mahmood Rasheed. The committee is tasked with establishing a calendar of CSR activities that span throughout the year, and will also be responsible for overseeing the implementation of these activities and evaluating results.

“At Imdaad, CSR is woven into the fabric of our organization and we are proud to have a dedicated team of volunteers, drawn from different internal departments, bringing to life our commitment toward giving back to society, especially since 2017 is marked by the UAE as the ‘Year of Giving’,” said Mahmood Rasheed, Chief Operating Officer, Imdaad. “As a company that has been at the forefront of efforts to promote responsible business practices in the UAE, Imdaad wholeheartedly welcomes the new law introduced by the Ministry of Economy that makes spending on CSR mandatory for companies. This move will go a long way in elevating CSR practices in the UAE and will help increase corporate contribution toward community welfare and environmental protection.”

Widely recognized for its leadership in sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility, Imdaad has a well-considered CSR strategy in place whereunder the company devises and implements a diverse range of environmental and social initiatives. These include Be’ati (My Environment), a program targeted at school children aged between 6 and 12 years which has garnered much acclaim for its role in promoting environmental awareness among students. Launched in 2009, the Be’ati program makes use of its friendly, adorable mascot – Khadoor – to impress upon students the need to protect and preserve our environment and the importance of energy conservation and recycling – all in a way that makes learning fun and engaging for children.

As part of its CSR initiatives, Imdaad recently supported the Al Nokhbah Model School in Dubai by funding the construction of a new library within its premises. The company has also volunteered to distribute food packages to needy families in the UAE during the ongoing holy month of Ramadan.

Imdaad continues to execute on various objectives and tasks related to sustainable development, corporate governance, environmental conservation, and community empowerment as part of its commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) outlined by the United Nations.