Marya Group Announces an increase in the size of its Investment portfolio to more than $1 billion

Marya Group

Abu Dhabi, 10 August, 2016: Marya Group, headquartered in Abu Dhabi, announced an increase to its investment portfolio, bringing the total invested to more than $ 1 billion.

Marya Group maintains a solid financial position. It focuses on making private and public equity investments in cash-generating business with strong fundamentals across core economic sectors that are resilient: education, health care, food and beverage processing as well as real estate. Its investments are centered on select Middle Eastern, European, and American markets.

Hasan Abdullah Ismaik, Chairman of Marya Group, said: “Marya’s strategy is based on investing in a number of sectors that have been studied and carefully selected. Its investment philosophy, underpinned by a strong culture of risk management, is one of making prudent investments in sectors that are both resilient and poised to benefit from the global growth in population, to achieve the highest possible sustainable results while maintaining a studied rate of risk. We have adopted a prudent and transparent plan with well-established corporate governance principles to guide our operations. We also believe in the social impact of our investment philosophy to help build better societies and a prosperous future for generations to come.”

Ismaik added: “The selection of the UAE as the headquarters for Marya Group is based on the country’s high ranking in various international competitiveness reports. The UAE has also become one of the most attractive destinations for investment worldwide and a key driver for ambitious development projects and large ventures.”

Ismaik stated Marya Group will continue to benefit from the UAE’s unique economic and business environment to fuel its growth and become one of the most well-established investment groups worldwide. In the coming period, Marya will continue increasing the size of its investment portfolio through a number of strategic acquisitions and partnerships – both regionally and internationally. This will go in line with the Group’s future plans to list its shares in one of the major stock markets.

Marya Group’s executive management comprises a team of professionals recruited from top tier multinational institutions who specialize in a number of fields including investments, acquisitions, real estate and other targeted sectors.