Property Watch Magazine — Q1 2016

Property Watch Magazine — Q1 2016

Property Watch Magazine releases their Q1 2016 issue with many useful information covering many real estate sectors such as commercial, residential, hospitality, mortgages, legal and other interesting articles for our readers mainly in Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

There is a market interest in certain areas with people prepared to invest in UAE real estate investors can find good deals, considering that many individuals are now willing to negotiate and sell at a reasonable price in order to capitalize their revenue. Recently we started noticing that the transactions of Dubai properties have increased in some areas, although the overall real estate market has slightly declined.

Many tenants are now circulating and changing areas to live in along with ways to reduce their outgoing expenses.


It is a great pleasure to welcome everyone to our latest edition of Property Watch magazine.

‘So, should I go ahead and buy a property in this real estate market ? Or should I wait? Is it true that the Dubai rent prices are going to drop?’ I have been hearing these questions flying around during the last few months.

Our magazine presents the property market from different perspectives and helps readers get an accurate and unbiased understanding of the UAE real estate market. We aim to cover every sector, such as commercial, residential, hospitality and retail, with the purpose to deliver all the answers for your uncertainty along with other in-depth information specifically for the Dubai and Abu Dhabi real estate market.

The Dubai real estate market became more mature in the last period. After witnessing a price correction, the market is shifting from investors to end users. With the Government’s continuous improvement of the infrastructure, Dubai’s vision has become clearer as a big percentage of master plans and properties are now ready. The numbers of supply had a big impact on the real estate market.

Due to changes in the economic times around the world, many individuals have decided to establish themselves in Dubai and therefore adopt a more sensible lifestyle. Tenants are now preferring to buy a property rather than paying expensive rent prices in the high end areas. Many tenants are now circulating and changing areas to live in along with ways to reduce their outgoing expenses. As a result, rent prices are now softly dropping in the high end areas and stabilizing in the middle end area. Areas like Jumeirah Village and IMPZ faced a soft increase and started to stabilize, as tenants have moved to more affordable areas.

As always, I would like to show my appreciation for everyone’s contribution to this edition of Property Watch magazine and to welcome new joiners. I hope you have an enjoyable read and I look forward to the next issue with more great topics and articles.

Fadi Boush

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